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ICO Bounty Alarm is meant to give an overview of all current possibilities to earn cryptocoins without investing. It can be hard work and the value of the coins can disappoint, but for those who love airdrops, bounties and other ways to earn cryptocoins, this is the place for an overview as complete as possible.

This website is in no way valuating any ICOs or coins. As the purpose is to earn coins without any investment, the quality of the ICO is not relevant. Some coins might therefore be close to worthless, some coins might actually turn out to be scams. However, as long as we do not invest in coins, we are not putting our money at risk.

Utlimately, the quantity of the possibilities, plus the odd diamond in the rough hopefully leads to a portfolio with a nice valuation. As a lot of airdrops ask for a retweet, adding your email address to a mailinglist or joining a telegram group, it might not be a bad idea to make dedicated accounts for coin bounties. This will make sure your main email address, twitter and telegram do not get cluttered.

You can help!

Since it is quite a challenge to give a complete overview of all airdrops and bounties, you can certainly help completing the list. If you know of a bounty campaign, referral program or airdrop not listed here, email me at hello@icobountyalarm.com. I will personally enroll through your referral link and add the information to the website. Just give me some time to do this, as this is one of my side projects.

Happy hunting!

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